Reap the Benefits of a Spida Wall Frame Line Solution

When it comes to wall panel lines, we’re ready to partner with you to bring a custom solution to your production floor.  We take into consideration your goals for production, your pain points and of course your budget, to recommend the best solution for you and your factory.


Your success is our success, so we’ll work with you to develop a layout that suits your factory too, including material handling options and how best to use the available space for your new line.


Spida Machinery wall lines are comprehensive, innovative and developed for your business and manufacturing needs. From selecting one machine to introducing an entire wall frame line, we’ll work alongside you so you can achieve optimal results.

Reap the Benefits of a Spida Wall Frame Line Solution
Reap the Benefits of a Spida Wall Frame Line Solution


Spida Machinery has been manufacturing high quality precision machinery for the frame and truss industry since 1978. During this time, we’ve continued to develop machines which are suitable in full solutions for wall frame lines.


Over seven years ago, we introduced the first of our new generation Spida Wall Extruders to the market. Today, we have taken a massive step further with our Raked Wall Extruder, which can produce both common walls and raked walls from the same machine. And the Extruder is only one part of an entire process that reaps the benefits of using a Spida system.

The Frame Line Process

It all starts with one operator at the Wall Extruder placing the top and bottom plates into the Extruder and clamping in place. Followed by feeding the first component of the wall (a stud/window opening, etc.) between the plates, and then the nails are fired automatically through the plates into the component. This process is repeated until the wall is completed. The accuracy of the Extruder means that plates only need a simple ID and the computer keeps track of all of the details. So the Extruder can produce a constantly moving line of walls, material handling is key.


Feeding this beast is crucial for consistently high production numbers. Our features expedite the process by bringing the stud and stud combinations to the operator at just the right height to enable the operator to place them into the wall with minimal movement.


We can supply a Curved Conveyor that turns the component 90° and allows components to be staged and moved parallel to the line to save space. Alternatively, we can deploy our Over-Framer, which is a small conveyor that elevates the studs that are then pushed onto a sloped skate conveyor and fed down to the operator.


Frame fabricators always face the time-consuming and troublesome process of nailing C corners and L studs. Our Stud Extruder helps expedite the process with its placement at the foot of the conveyor. This machine nails together a variety of combinations including C’s and L’s, double studs, triple studs, and fire and cabinet blocking. Also, computer controlled and driven by the same file on the Extruder, this is a marriage made in heaven - ensuring accuracy of the components both in construction and staging order.


The last piece in the wall puzzle for some manufacturers is the door and window openings, and we have these covered as well. Generally prebuilt on a table and fed onto a Chain Conveyor, they are brought over the side of the Extruder via a driven and pneumatically lifted roller bench. The operator pushes them into the wall to be nailed, and again this is all driven with Spida software for a seamless build.


If you wish to add more, you can always add the Spida Sheather 5 Gun 2 Saw to the line. The Sheather incorporates seamlessly and is packed with features. We can clamp and straighten studs to prevent shiners and the Sheather is a one-button operation – this is among a host of other features. Again, operating on the same file as the Extruder, the Sheather sheaths the wall in only moments.

Our Frame Line Offers Benefits Far Greater than Just Capability


While a Spida Frame Line system offers great capability throughout the entire wall frame assembly process, it’s also stacked with other benefits.

  • Options – the choice is yours! Select from one Spida machine, update your existing framing line one machine at a time, right through to creating an entire wall frame line solution.
  • Speed – the frame line is efficient and a skilled operator can push through around 38 to 52m of walls per hour. Imagine the difference this could make to your operation with a small investment – the ROI is tremendous.
  • Simple to Operate – the automated approach and intuitive, in house built software, steps the operator through the stages of the process making it easy to follow.
  • Efficiency – you’ll experience increased production numbers with the automation, without having to increase labour.
  • Safety – designed with the operator in mind, the Spida wall frame solutions see machines set at the perfect height to bring in large members for example, minimising the fatigue the team may experience. Having a machine do the heavy lifting rather than a worker, is beneficial for all!

Click here to see a Spida Wall Frame Solution in Action.


If you’re looking to update your framing line to a solution that is powerful, accurate and simple to operate then we can help. With a Spida frame line solution you’ll experience first-hand, a system which sees your production numbers increase without labour having too!

Wendy Boyd, Chief Customer Officer Spida Machinery Group elaborates:

“If you’re considering a new framing line for your factory, we encourage you to contact Spida. Our team will take the time to understand what your challenges are, what you’re wanting to achieve and explain to you how a Spida frame line could be beneficial for your plant”.
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