Wall Assembly & Roof and Floor Truss Assembly

We specialise in manufacturing machinery for wall frames, roof trusses and floor joists.

When it comes to wall assembly or roof and floor truss assembly, we have you covered!

Wall Assembly

We have an extensive range of products for wall assembly and the flexibility to match your needs. You can simply add a machine to your plant or update a machine within your framing line one machine at a time, or as a full line solution.

We’re proud of the relationships we have with our customers and are aware of the needs of the industry. We build innovative machinery that meets those needs. Our latest product, the Raked Wall Extruder, is a game changer – being able to produce raked walls and common walls all from the same machine!

Roof and Floor Truss Assembly

When partnering with our customers, we can provide a piece of equipment or a full machinery solution, that is designed with your manufacturing “pain points” in mind. Generations of truss manufacture and development experience, paves the way for a Spida Machinery solution be it new or retrofit.

With roof truss and floor truss assembly products, we’ve got a broad range of options for any sized plants. We offer auto jigging and retrofit options for your existing tables and we can develop and supply your current pressing stations with new pressing capabilities for a fraction of the cost of a new system.

Explore our product range below.

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Full Machinery Solutions for Wall Frames and Roof & Floor Trusses

As well as individual products for assembly, we also provide full machinery solutions for each of these areas.  Learn more about how the full solutions can add value to your manufacturing plant.

Wall Frame SolutionsRoof Truss SolutionsFLOOR Truss Solutions