Cutting & Measuring

We’ve got over 40 years’ experience producing saws specific to the frame and truss industry.

We started in 1978, identifying a need for unique machinery for the frame and truss industry and our journey started with a saw. This saw set an industry standard and is capable of achieving low angles and long cuts. Now in its 10th generation, it’s still one of our most popular products.

Innovation is a driving force for Spida Machinery, and with our latest offer to market of the PieceMaker, we’re reached new heights of industry standards.

Hundreds of our computerised and manual saws are in use around the world.  At Spida Machinery we’re committed to what we do and we continue to innovate, develop and build quality high precision machinery that best meets the needs of the global frame and truss industry.

We know the importance of tailor-made cutting and measuring machinery and the products (such as tables and accessories) that can be used with our products to provide the ultimate solution.

Browse our range of cutting and measuring products.

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Full Machinery Solutions for Truss Cutting

As well as individual cutting and measuring products, we also provide full machinery solutions for truss cutting.   Explore the benefits these solutions will provide to your manufacturing plant.