Spida Machinery - Raked Wall Frame Solution

Our wall frame solutions are comprehensive, innovative and can be developed to suit your current business and manufacturing needs, as well as catering for future growth.

Part of our approach when working with our customers, is taking the time to understand the problems you're trying to solve and the goals you're wanting to achieve. This then allows us to recommend a customised solution that suits your needs and is fit for purpose for your manufacturing plant. Below is an example of a full machinery solution for Raked Wall Frames.

THE OPTIONS ARE ENDLESS when it comes to raked wall assembly!

The solution featured here includes the Wall Frame Line, but the Raked Wall Extruder replaces the Wall Extruder, offering the ability to produce both common standard walls and raked walls, from the same machine!

The options however are endless when it comes to raked wall frame solutions. You can either place a new Spida machine into your existing line, or update your current frame line as a whole, and everything in between. This solution of the Raked Wall Frame Line is powerful, fast, accurate, automated and simple to operate. Plus, you’ll see your production numbers increase, without labour having too!

We work alongside our customers to provide the best solution for your production needs and your budget.

We have a number of products that can be included in the raked wall frame solution for your plant. Below are just some examples.


Let’s find out! We’ll take the time to understand your production needs, then recommend a solution that’s right for your manufacturing plant, no one else’s.