Spida Machinery

We design, develop and support our own software!

When you choose Spida Machinery you’ll benefit from our in-house capability when it comes to our software. We’re involved in all areas from the design and development, through to the support and continuous improvement of the software.

This independence means we’re free of third-party software suppliers, allowing us to be agile and responsive.

We’re also local too. We have a software team based in both New Zealand and Australia, making us well placed to service your needs.

What makes our software so powerful?

Our software has been designed from the ground up to be the perfect software companion to our range of Spida Machinery.

It balances Ease of Use with Flexible Configuration to tackle any and all problems that our customers face.

Robust and Reliable

Developed over many years, our software is running on hundreds of machines worldwide. It's a proven and powerful software package that can excel in the tough operating environment of Truss and Frame manufacturing.

Cutting Optimisation

Our software has been cleverly designed with optimisation in mind. With either Just-In-Time or Batch-Based Optimisation, you can reduce waste and increase the speed of your cutting.

Printing & Plate Marking

With our software, you can unlock the full capability of our Timber Printer, providing accurate and customisable printing to our machines.

Spida Machinery Capabilities

Remote Support

Designed to allow for easy remote support, our software offers comprehensive logging and remote support functionality. Instead of having to physically be onsite for diagnostics and troubleshooting, we can dial in remotely to diagnose issues and apply changes.   

Continuous Innovation 

Innovation is a key element of Spida Machinery and our unique software enables such innovation. We are constantly improving and updating our software with new features. Our suite of software allows us to be flexible, intuitive and future focused. 

We offer a full suite of software, with modules to suit all your frame and truss manufacturing needs! Our software modules include:

Job Handling

Our comprehensive Job Handling module supports loading of most job formats, (with over 20 types of major job formats used today) and is flexible enough to incorporate new types as needed.


Our Batching module has advanced features for creating cutting batches for saws. The software allows a job to be split into batches manually or automatically using predefined rules. Batches can be optimised for linear saws to reduce waste.

The Batching module can be used offline in the office to create batches, which can then be sent to the machine to save time on the factory floor.


Our Cutting module has powerful optimisation features, allowing for the best possible stock utilisation and waste reduction.

TandemOne optimisation is extremely configurable to allow for integration into any cutting workflow. Experienced sawyers depend on the Cutting module for its flexibility, while those new to saws will appreciate its ease of use.

Frame Assembly

Our Frame Assembly module has been developed over many years to provide powerful and configurable options for tackling demanding Frame jobs.

Truss Assembly

Our Truss Assembly module has extensive options to allow for fast and accurate automated jigging.

Trusses and jigs can be freely moved around the table to facilitate optimal workflow during assembly.


Our Reporting module is being continually developed and improved to provide accurate real-time insights into production metrics so that our customers can utilise the full potential of their machinery.


Our software has advanced logging and diagnostic features to facilitate remote support, quickly diagnose issues, and minimise downtime.


Have a Software query?

No problem! Our team are on hand to support you. Get in touch and one of our software experts will be in contact with you soon.