Why Spida

Spida Machinery

Our Overarching Principle is Simplicity

It’s often difficult to make things simple, but our design philosophy is centered on this - taking something complicated and making it simple for the user.

This idea of simplicity flows throughout the company from the automation and operation of each piece of machinery, through to our flat tiered management structure.  

Our Capabilities

We’re market leaders in high quality precision machinery. You’ll benefit from having our expertise and innovation applied at all stages of the product lifecycle.

Research & Development

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve. We take the best from around the world and bring it into our own realm. We tailor it to the frame and truss industry to meet the needs of fabricators now and into the future.


Where innovation, function and design meet. Our experienced team discusses design in context of engineering, what works best in regard to functionality, software and support. At the end of the day, what we design has to be fit for purpose.


We have an innovative suite of software that is cleverly developed to strike just the right balance between being simple to use and offering flexible configuration. Our experienced team provide service and support for our software.


We’re unique in the industry as we have manufacturing capabilities around the globe, with facilities in New Zealand, Australia and America. We manufacture machinery that is fit for purpose and which can perform optimally in the climates where it will be used.

Spida Machinery Capabilities

Installation & Training

This is handled inhouse, we don’t outsource these tasks. Our team is professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. We’ll come onsite to install the machinery and to provide training to your team.

Service & Support

With one of the most comprehensive service and support networks in the industry, our team consists of experienced, local technicians in New Zealand, Australia and America.

Your long-term partner for a complete solution

We began in 1978 and since then relationships have always been important to us. We strive to build long-lasting connections with our customers, we’re trusted, reliable and we offer responsive local support. 

As well as providing our customers with full capabilities that make up the product lifecycle, we also have a comprehensive range of products. Our machinery covers cutting, wall assembly, roof truss assembly, floor truss assembly and material handling. And as well as individual products, we offer full machinery solutions which can provide many benefits for your production factory.

You’re in safe, expert hands with us!

Call us biased, but we’re super proud of our team. We have diverse skillsets, experience and industry knowledge which provides great depth throughout the team. Our unique thinking and innovation drives us and allows us to achieve our overarching principle of ‘simplicity’ for our customers.

We’re also down to earth, with a natural desire to help and provide you with the best solution for your needs.

Meet our Team