Spida Machinery - Sheather



The Sheather automatically nails sheathing off with a “one-touch” function. This machine works at the touch of a switch, shooting 4 nails per second, clamping and straightening studs from the underside. The Sheather is a must have for your wall line!

Key Benefits of the Sheather

The Sheather operates within a niche market in New Zealand and Australia and provides great benefits for fabricators operating in that space.

Intelligent Design

The Sheather was designed to be operated by one person and then once the operator acknowledges the frame is in the machine, the machine takes over.

Prevents Shiners

With a fixed bridge which the frame travels through, our Sheather is unique, as it means you can opt to hold the stud when you’re nailing which stops shiners.

Value Add

For fabricators wanting a point of difference for their factory, and the ability to supply more of a manufactured product to clients and building sites – the Sheather is a product that does that.

Footprint - top view



  • Touch screen control

  • Automatically clamps and straightens studs during fixing

  • 4 high speed nail guns

  • Guns change angle on sheathing joins, both horizontal and vertical

  • Wall frame is moved under fixed gun bridge

  • Fully automated, CNC machine

  • Additional gun bridge

  • Perfectly paired with Squaring Table


If you have any questions or would like to understand how the Sheather will provide efficiencies for your manufacturing plant, let us know.

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