Spida Teams From Around The Globe Come Together at BCMC!

We’ve now returned from a successful BCMC in Indianapolis and had a chance to catch our breath and reflect on the experience.  The standouts for all our team who attended were the connections with customers, the strengthening of relationships with those in the industry and the teamwork and camaraderie with our wider Spida family.


Manufacturing Capability in New Zealand, Australia and USA

Spida Machinery is quite unique in the industry as we have three manufacturing facilities around the world: New Zealand, Australia and USA. This means our Spida team members are working across the globe so don’t often get to be in the same place at the same time. BCMC allowed technical, service and sales staff from all three countries to work side by side.

Spida Teams From Around The Globe Come Together at BCMC!
Spida Teams From Around The Globe Come Together at BCMC!

Spida Teamwork and Camaraderie

The Spida team that attended BCMC 2023 really enjoyed working with team members from our other locations around the globe, given this opportunity doesn’t happen too often. The camaraderie was great and the team were able to forge some good relationships. While a lot of effort and hard work goes into such events as BCMC, the team managed some fun and good banter in the down time!

Connecting with Customers

Our team also enjoyed connecting with our customers and learning more about how they are using our machinery and the benefits they are experiencing. It was great to get some feedback from them too, with many mentioning the quality and mechanical integrity of our machinery, and one making a comment ‘’Your machines are the most complete at BCMC’’.

Strengthening Relationships

As always when we attend this event, we enjoy catching up with our old industry buddies as well as making new friends along the way.  While we specialise in manufacturing machinery, it’s the people element and focus on creating longstanding partnerships that are at our core.

Our Spida Machinery Stand

We had a large, 13,000 sq. ft booth at BCMC which allowed us to show a range of ‘working’ high quality precision machines. We received lots of feedback from attendees about how beneficial it was to see the machines in action. Also, people commented positively on the fact that Spida’s business is focused on machinery only, for the structural building components industry. (As opposed to trying to be all things to all people).

Raked Wall Extruder Proves Popular!

We had a range of machinery on display at BCMC, and many people were interested to know more and learn what the machines could do and how quickly they could get the job done.

This year, our Raked Wall Extruder was the standout, impressing many people and catching their attention. Our Raked Wall Extruder allows you to produce raked walls and common walls from the same machine.   It is powerful, fast, accurate and simple to operate – making it a leader in the market!

In summary, BCMC 2023 was a great event for Spida to attend.  While our stand has been packed up, the work is far from over - the team are now busy with quoting and customer follow ups after a successful event.  Exciting times ahead for Spida Machinery in USA!

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