Our Story

Spida Machinery Saw

Our Journey Began with a Saw...

Founded in New Zealand in 1978 from humble beginnings, we began with our first piece of machinery - a saw. Now in its 10th generation, the saw achieves low angles and long cuts and is still to this day one of our most popular products. This was just the beginning of Spida’s innovative machinery for the frame and truss industry.

Spida Demand Growing

Demand Grew for Machinery

The demand for robust machinery grew, with more companies wanting to get their hands on high quality, efficient machines that would enable them to be more productive. Our range of automated equipment (conceptualised and developed by us), has grown along the way - fast forward to today, we have over 70 products in our product range around the globe. We specialise in machinery and equipment for all your cutting, measuring, wall frame assembly, roof and floor truss assembly and material handling needs.

Spida Joins Multinail

We Joined Multinail

In 2014, Spida was purchased along with one of our competitors Mango Tech, by our parent company Multinail Australia. We became part of the Multinail group of companies, which have their own proud history in the prefabrication industry. The combination of the three companies further strengthened the knowledge base along with the product range.

We continue to innovate, develop and build quality machinery. Collectively Spida and Multinail personnel travel the world to find the best technology to inform our design engineers.

Spida Machinery Pushing Boundaries

Constantly Pushing Boundaries

We pride ourselves on our innovative thinking which allows our customers to benefit from the latest developments in technology.  We have a commitment to safety, we use market leading technology, our products provide increased productivity with lower manufacturing costs, and all of this is supported by our responsive local service and support teams.

Spida Machinery - Growing Team

Growing Team

As we’ve grown our product range, we’ve also grown our team too. Our staff are hand picked for their extensive knowledge and capabilities to research and develop machinery fit for the frame and truss industry. We have over 120 personnel working in New Zealand, Australia and America.

Spida Machinery Full Solutions

Full Machinery Solutions

Software, machinery and engineering products are all developed in-house. Our offerings range from singular products to full machinery solutions. The world-class equipment range from our group includes large hydraulic presses and multi-axis software/computer integrated saws, as well as a range of automatic, semi-automatic and manual truss jigging and pressing systems that use a variety of hydraulic, electrical, pneumatic and computerised technologies.

Spida Story - Manufacturing Facilities

2023 – A Big Year!

We have manufacturing facilities in New Zealand, Australia and America. We’ve continued to move into bigger facilities, as the demand for our products has steadily grown over the years.

2023 in particular is a big year for us – with our largest facilities to date! New purpose built, state of the art facilities being built or enhanced across all our three countries of manufacturing in New Zealand, Australia and America.  This will allow us to handle the current and future production requirements.

The Spida Journey

The Journey is Far From Over...

We offer one of the most compelling mixes of machinery, software and service to the frame and truss industry. We’re continuing to progress our innovation in this space. We’re constantly talking with our customers and the industry to ensure our machines are fit for purpose and continue to provide such great results. We pride ourselves on our ‘pushing boundaries’ mentality to provide our customers with the ultimate solution. So stay tuned for what’s next!