We provide one of the most comprehensive support networks in the industry!

Our service team includes technicians in New Zealand, Australia and America. This combined knowledge and experience means you’re well supported and you can rest assured you’ll get the help you need.

Spida New Zealand Resource from Start to Finish

New Zealand Resource from Start to Finish

We’re proud to offer a full service to our New Zealand customers, from our New Zealand resources.

From the production of the machinery, to the programming, to the installation, through to service and support, this all happens in New Zealand. By having all these resources within the country, it means we have complete transparency and knowledge of the full end-to-end solutions we’re providing you. This allows us to provide the ultimate support to our customers.

Spida Local Support

Local Support, Backed by a Global Team

We’ve got a very experienced and capable team within New Zealand. The team locally provides both mechanical support as well as technical support to our New Zealand customers.

The team is also part of our wider support family of technicians in Australia and America.

Spida Remote Login

Ability to Log In Remotely

Our machinery technicians have the ability to dial in to a networked machine and diagnose any software glitches or anomalies.

This provides prompt and efficient support, so you can be back using your machine as quickly as possible.  


If you have any machine or software queries, simply send us an email by clicking on the below button and our team will then be in touch to help you out.