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Optimise your cutting operations; increase machine runtime and reduce repetitive injury by introducing the PieceGiver* to your workflow. Load the timber trolleys and let the system do the rest.

*The PieceGiver does not include the PieceMaker - this is a separate product which is shown greyed out in the above image.

Key Benefits of the PieceGiver

The PieceGiver is a cutting-edge, fully automated timber loading system. It seamlessly replaces the operator at the head of the linear saw by automatically feeding the machine in a rapid picking cycle, drawing from numerous packs or hoppers. This is the ideal companion to your PieceMaker!


Benefit from high speed delivery! The PieceGiver picks two pieces of timber in a 10 second cycle, loading directly onto the PieceMaker’s infeed deck.

Increased Productivity

You’ll be able to complete more work in less time! The PieceGiver not only allows for uninterrupted operation throughout the day, but also enhances the efficiency of the PieceMaker. It’s a win/win!


The PieceGiver efficiently handles the processing of various timber sizes with exceptional versatility.  Choose the number of modules that best suit your manufacturing needs.

Footprint - top view

Spida PieceGiverDownload Footprint


  • Fast, accurate timber delivery

  • Features a low timber warning system

  • Camber is checked as the timber is being picked and flipped on the infeed deck if required

  • Picks a variety of timber and sizes up to 300x45 LVL

  • Safety light curtain and fenced to protect operator

  • Retrofittable to any PieceMaker saw

  • Picks and delivers two lengths of timber during each pass

  • One person operation for PieceGiver and PieceMaker


  • Left or right hand feed

  • Customisable bunker quantity depending on your stock requirements


If you have any questions or would like to understand how the PieceGiver will provide efficiencies for your manufacturing plant, let us know.

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