Spida Machinery - Triangle Truss Trolley

Triangle Truss Trolley


The Triangle Truss Trolley is small but very robust and used for transport and storage of complete trusses or wall frames.  You can move your completed product with ease and store off the ground.

Key Benefits of the Triangle Truss Trolley

The Triangle Truss Trolley is just one of those very useful, universal products that is great for frames and trusses. You will use this trolley everywhere through your plant!


The clever design of the Triangle Truss Trolley allows for ease of use, it’s simple to move product around your plant. The trolley is ideal for the movement of finished trusses or frames.


These trolleys are so robust! Made from high grade toughened material, they are exceptionally durable to the environments in which they are used.

Unique Shape

The unique triangular shape of the trolley is super versatile.  Not only does it fit in the corner of frames, you can easily sit trusses on them too.

Spida Machinery Triangle Truss Trolley

Footprint - top view

Spida Triangle Truss Trolley Top View
  • Lockable castor wheels

  • Can be customised to suit customer requirements

  • Larger wheels available for gravel areas


If you have any questions or would like to understand how the Triangle Truss Trolley will provide efficiencies for your manufacturing plant, let us know.

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