Spida Machinery - Major Sub Component Infeed

Major Sub Component Infeed


The Major Sub Component Infeed conveyor system is designed to transport and store pre-made timber assemblies. Conveyors store assemblies and pop up powered rollers transfer assemblies to the Wall Extruder operator.

Footprint - top view

Spida Major Sub Component Infeed


  • Conveyors to move components from build tables

  • Pop up pins on conveyors keep assemblies separated

  • Adjustable roller heights to move components in a
    vertical direction as required

  • Pop up powered rollers

  • Inside rollers fold down when not in use

  • Infeed Conveyor System available in both left or right configurations

  • Conveyors available in different lengths as required

  • Normally paired with the Major Sub Assembly Table


If you have any questions or would like to understand how the Major Sub Component Infeed will provide efficiencies for your manufacturing plant, let us know.

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