Riviera Prenail increases truss production with a Spida Roller Plant!

In search of a solution to increase their truss production to meet market demand, Riviera Prenail, a New Zealand frame and truss manufacturer, investigated a number of options. After internal decision making, they chose our Roller Plant as the solution to meet their needs.

Riviera Prenail increases truss production with a Spida Roller Plant!
Riviera Prenail increases truss production with a Spida Roller Plant!

Background  & Decision Making

Riviera was moving from their smaller plant into larger premises in West Auckland. Their goal was to increase truss production and supply trusses to meet market demand, as well as allowing room for growth.   After a series of decision making exercises and doing all the numbers, they decided the Spida Roller Plant was the best solution for them.

Simon Haggitt from Riviera Prenail explains “The Spida Roller Plant was a cost effective option for us. It has quicker set up times and has given us much increased production volumes.  It effectively allows us to meet the demands of today as well as future demands and growth”.

The Solution

When working through with Riviera on the solution that would best suit their manufacturing needs, we put forward the Roller Plant. We discussed a number of alternatives to equipment and layout too. Together we came up with what was right for Riviera.  

The Spida Roller Plant is used in the assembly of timber roof trusses. Precut timber components are placed into the jigging along with connector plates, the Preset Roller travels down the length of the truss, rolling the connector plates into the precut timber components creating a truss. This truss is then ejected and sent through the Finishing Roller which embeds the connection plates fully.

The Roller Plant system streamlines the assembly of timber roof trusses - combining technology, automated jigging, precision and efficiency to produce high quality trusses.

Local Service & Support

As a New Zealand owned company themselves, local service and support was really important in Riviera’s decision making. They wanted to work with a well-known reputable company. Given Spida Machinery has been providing high quality precision machinery to the frame and truss industry for over 40 years, and Riviera already had some other Spida machines, we ticked all the boxes.  

Not having to rely on oversees for support and diagnostics was critical for Riviera.  

Safety Aspects

Safety is a key consideration when designing Spida Machinery. It was also something that was important to Riviera.  The Roller Plant has a number of safety effects by reducing the rigor of manual handling and helping to combat fatigue. We provided Riviera training on the Roller Plant so they had confident they could work safely and productively in their own environment.

We partner with customers through the whole process

Spida Machinery prides itself on building long-lasting relationships with our customers and we’re with them every step of the way through the process.  And when it comes to the Roller Plant, we’ll show you the best way to make trusses with this solution, as we understand some of your staff have never seen a Roller Plant.  We want you to get the best out of this solution as possible.

Simon Haggitt says “From a manual plant, our team had never used semi-automated machinery like this before so it was a steep learning curve for the team.  But we’ve found production and productivity has increased very quickly exponentially now and we’re well ahead of our production targets.

Installation went very well and Spida stayed with us through the commissioning process and we’re very happy with the result”.

Complete Solution

Our experienced team aims to provide the best service possible. It was humbling when Simon Haggit told us “The high standard of workmanship both with the software and the steel in the machine was important to us.  We worked pretty closely with the Spida team and doing our due diligence. We’re stoked with the final result!”.

To learn more about our Roof Truss Solution the ‘Roller Plant’ see here.

Riviera Prenail: established in 2017, is a New Zealand owned and operated frame and truss manufacturer. They are agile and offer fast turn around times and orders delivered on time and to spec. Their aim is to combine good people with reliable product.

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