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Leaders in robust,
high quality

Spida Machinery has specialised in designing and building high quality, precision machinery for the Frame and Truss industry since 1978.

Spida has since installed thousands of machines around the world and been involved in the prefabrication of millions of homes.

With a proud history in the prefabrication industry, Spida continues to innovate, develop and build quality machinery for the global Frame and Truss industry.

Our recent acquisition of Square1 Design and Manufacture, one of America’s leading frame & truss machinery providers, means we now offer one of the most compelling mixes of machinery, software and service in New Zealand, the US and globally.

Spida machines are renowned for their industrial engineering, simplicity of design, accuracy, speed and innovation.

We pride ourselves on constantly pushing boundaries so our customers benefit from the latest developments in technology.

Spida Frame Truss Machinery

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Commitment to safety
Commitment to safety
Market leading technology
Market leading technology
Increased productivity
Increased productivity
Lower manufacturing costs
Lower manufacturing costs
Responsive local service & support
Responsive local service & support

Leaders in robust,
high quality machinery

for the Frame and Truss industry

Industrial engineering, built tough, built to last generations

Through product innovation and development, we continue to build quality machinery that best meets the needs of our customers.

64,580’ of manufacturing facilities

Around the globe Spida have manufacturing facilities of over 64,580’ (6000m2) of modern factory space equipped with Gantry cranes, Sandblasting and powder coating facilities.

Global Frame & Truss machinery supplier

Our machines are delivered throughout the US, Canada, South Africa, China, Ukraine, Russia, Australia, the Pacific Islands and New Zealand.

Total solution

Software, machinery and engineered products are all developed in-house.

The world-class equipment range from the group includes large hydraulic presses and multi-axis software/computer integrated saws, as well as a range of automatic, semi-automatic and manual truss jigging and pressing systems that use a variety of hydraulic, electrical, pneumatic and computerised technologies.


Spida Machinery has been known for designing and building reliable and accurate machinery for the truss and frame industry since opening its doors in New Zealand in 1978.

Through identifying a need for unique machinery to meet the needs of the industry, Spida set an industry standard with the development of the Spida Saw, which is capable of achieving low angles and long cuts.

Today, Spida Machinery has more than 400 computerised saws and over a thousand manual saws around the world and continues to innovate, develop and build quality machinery that best meets the needs of the global frame and truss industry.

With more than 600 Computerised SPIDA saws and over a thousand manual saws around the world, SPIDA is the brand to own.


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Bevan Web

Bevan Lines

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Director Spida Machinery – NZ, Australia & USA

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Wendy Boyd

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Chief Customer Officer – Spida NZ, Australia & USA

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Jan van der Waals

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Service Manager – NZ

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Bill Jacob

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CEO – Spida USA

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Product Specialist Manager – Spida USA

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Account Manager – South East USA

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