Spida Machinery - FOM Industrie Mistral 26/26A

Fom Industrie Mistral 26/26A


Variable angle end-milling machine.


  • End milling angle 45° Rh, 90°, 45° Lh and intermediate angles

  • Milling tool unit rotation speed 7000rpm

  • Blade centering hole Ø 32mm with adapter ring

  • Max. milling tool size Ø 175mm

  • Manual feed of the milling tool unit (MISTRAL 26)

  • Automatic feed with rapid approach controlled by milling tool unit photocell (MISTRAL 26A)

  • Quick change milling tool unit

  • Milling tool unit balancing system

  • Milling units magazine with 9 slots

  • Spray mist blade lubrication system

  • Carriage stroke: X max= 350mm

  • Milling depth: Y max = 65.5mm

  • Maximum milling unit height: 125mm

  • Working capacity: see attached diagram

  • Patented system that allows profile positioning without the need for goniometries

  • Work table height 900mm

  • Non-abrasive work table that will not damage painted profiles

  • Set up for the extraction of chips and fumes

  • Integral safety guards around work table with opening lock

  • Double working pressure servo-controlled in low pressure

  • Power supply: Mistral 26: 230/400V – 50Hz

  • Power supply: Mistral 26: 275/480V – 60Hz

  • Power supply: Mistral 26A: 230/400V – 50Hz

  • Power supply: Mistral 26A: 275/480V – 60Hz

  • Total power installed: 1.5kW

  • Air consumption: Mistral 26: 0.8 NL/cycle

  • Air consumption: Mistral 26A 12 NL/cycle

  • Working pressure: 7 bar


  • Cutter sleeve for milling units

  • Horizontal and vertical vices

  • 8-positions star-shaped length stop

  • Tungsten carbide sawblade (Ø on request)

  • Additional cutters sleeve (including closing spacers)

  • Minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) with pure oil

  • Removal of milled profile burr (MISTRAL 26A)

  • Additional charge for special voltage and cycle (Standard motor 230/400V three-phase 50Hz)

  • Additional charge for single-phase motor (Standard motor 230 single-phase 50Hz)

  • Additional charge for electrical version UL-CSA

  • Milling cutters

  • Soundproofing tunnel with automatic opening


If you have any questions or would like to understand how this machine will provide efficiencies for your manufacturing plant, let us know.

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