Riviera Prenail Achieves Results With Roller Plant

Silverdale, Auckland

Frames and Trusses

50 and under employees


Riviera Prenail manufactures quality frames and trusses. They were moving from a smaller plant to larger premises and wanted to increase their truss production to supply trusses to meet market demand today and into the future.


The Riviera Prenail team considered a number of options, and after doing their due diligence and crunching the numbers, decided the Spida Roller Plant, was the best solution to meet their needs.

The Roller Plant solution streamlines the assembly of timber roof trusses – combining technology, precision and efficiency to produce hiqh quality trusses.

In regard to the process - precut timber components are placed into the jigging along with connector plates, the preset roller travels down the length of the truss, rolling the connector plates into the precut timber components creating a truss. This truss is then ejected and sent through the Finishing Roller which embeds the connection plates fully.

The Roller Plant ticked all the customer’s requirements including:

  • Cost effective (and with no requirement for high price maintenance contracts)
  • Excellent production numbers – allowing the plant to meet the demands at the time and allowing for growth
  • Quality product – high standard of workmanship form the software through to the steel production in the Roller Plant
  • Safety elements and
  • Local supply, service and support

From a manual plant, the Riviera Prenail team had never used a system like the Roller Plant before so there was a steep learning curve. However, the team enjoyed the experience and quickly got up to speed on operating the Roller Plant.

The Roller Plant has provided Riviera Prenail a number of benefits including:

  • Quicker set up times
  • Much increased production volumes and exponential growth – they are  ahead of their targets
  • Advantages from having cut timber components in front of the truss table ready for production
  • Ease of use – as soon as one truss is completed and pushed to conveyors, the team starts building the next one
  • Reduced manual handling to a minimum and reduction in fatigue of workers – the team can work productively and safely in their own environment
Why Spida Machinery?

When we asked Riveria Prenail, why they chose to partner with Spida Machinery on the Roller Plant they said there were multiple reasons including:

  • They wanted a well-known reputable company and being a New Zealand owned company themselves, local service and support was really important.  Not having to rely on overseas support and diagnostics was vital for them.
  • Trusted – Riveria Prenail already had some other Spida machines so knew first-hand of the quality and reliability of the machinery.
  • Collaboration – the customer worked closely with the Spida Machinery team, discussing alternatives in terms of machinery and factory layout, to ultimately find the ideal solution of what was right for Riviera Prenail.
  • Installation and Training – the installation went well and Riveria Prenail were supported through the commissioning phase and all their questions, answered. When the Spida Machinery team left the plant, the operators knew exactly what to do.
“The high standard of workmanship both with the software and the steel in the machine was important to us.  We worked pretty closely with the Spida team and doing our due diligence. We're really happy with the results.” - Simon Haggit, Riviera Prenail