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Electropneumatic copy router with worktable rotation.


  • Spindle with dual rotation speed (6.000/11.800rpm)

  • Tool coupling ER 20

  • 2 vertical and 2 horizontal vices with safety valves

  • Double working pressure servo-controlled in low pressure

  • Manual rotation and pneumatic locking of the work table from 0 to 90°

  • Axis translation by indirect levers

  • Spray mist blade lubrication system

  • Possibility of working at angles

  • Rotation system preventing the loss of references during machining without losing the machine positioning

  • 2 copying templates located on the superior side of the machine in an ergonomic position and easily visible to the operator

  • 2 independent pneumatic tracers with double diameter selector Ø 5 and Ø 10 mm

  • Possibility of machining with copying jigs or mechanical stops

  • Highly rigid head unit due to four cemented and round guide-ways with movement along re-circulating ball bearings

  • Quick spindle stop for tool changing

  • Standard motor 230/400V three-phase 50Hz (special voltage three-phase 275/480V – 60 Hz – see optionals)

  • Air filter

  • Chip bin

  • Power supply: 3F – 400V AC – 50Hz

  • Total power installed: 0.55kW

  • Air consumption: 3 NL/cycle

  • Working pressure: 7 bar


  • Milling bit: 10mm. Ø – 10mm. Ø tang

  • Milling bit: 5mm Ø – 8mm Ø tang

  • Collet ER 20 for milling bit: Ø 10mm

  • Collet ER 20 for milling bit: Ø 8mm

  • Ring nut for milling bit locking

  • No. 2 templates

  • Vice jaw extension 1200mm (Rh and Lh)

  • Receding length stop (No. 6)

  • Compressed air gun with spiral hose (for machine cleaning)

  • Packing with heat-shrink plastic bag

  • Minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) with pure oil

  • Additional receding stop

  • Additional magnetic receding stop

  • Additional charge for special power supply with transformer

  • UL-CSA version plant

  • Variation for measurement unit in inches


If you have any questions or would like to understand how this machine will provide efficiencies for your manufacturing plant, let us know.

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