Spida Machinery - Roof Truss Solution

Benefit from high output roof truss production with our Roller Plant!

Our Roller Plant is used in the assembly of lumber roof trusses. Precut lumber components are placed into the jigging along with connector plates, the preset roller travels down the length of the truss, rolling the connector plates into the precut lumber components creating a truss. This truss is then ejected and sent through the finishing roller which embeds the connection plates fully.

The Roller Plant system streamlines the assembly of lumber roof trusses - combining technology, precision and efficiency to produce high quality trusses.

Key Benefits of the Roller Plant

The Roller Plant is robust, designed with safety in mind and is more than just a press – it’s a whole material handling system! If you wish to add a Roller Plant to your factory, we work with you through the whole process; if your team has never seen a Roller Plant or never made a truss this way, we’ll show you the best way to make trusses with this solution!

Increased Production

The Roller Plant enables high output truss production! There’s no jigging time as it uses automated jigging, computer controlled.

With comprehensive software which offers more flexibility.

Ease of Use

It’s easy for people to operate and requires minimal training.

This means you can have your staff up and running on this solution, very quickly.

Removes Manual Handling 

Those that operate the Roller Plant find it much easier on their bodies.

It removes the manual handling of those bigger trusses.

Footprint - top view

Spida Roller PlantDownload Footprint


  • Safety scanners

  • Jigging system

  • Transfer rollers

  • Ejection system

  • Preset Roller and Finishing Roller

  • Heavy duty construction

  • 3 Configurations - side eject, end eject, double side eject

  • Automated or manual jigging

  • Configurable length by adding tables

  • 1,2,3 or more Preset Rollers (normally dependent on table length)

  • One or multiple operator interfaces for automated jigging

  • Configurable outfeed length

  • Truss lifters/Stacker - vertical or horizontal


Let’s find out! Once we find out what your 'pain points' are and what you're wanting to achieve, we'll recommend a solution that’s right for your manufacturing plant.