Servicing & Maintenance

Benefit from our expert service team!

Spida Machinery - Local and Responsive Service and Maintenance

Local & Responsive

We pride ourselves on having a local, ‘boots on the ground’ service team, allowing us to respond to your needs as quickly as possible.

While machinery is what we provide, it’s people and relationships which are at our core.

Spida Machinery - Well Resourced

Well Resourced

Our local team has great depth and combined experience. The size of our local team means we have availability when you need it. You’re able to plan ahead for installation dates and schedule in service runs.  

Our vehicles are also well equipped with materials, making our servicing and maintenance work very efficient.

Spida Machinery - comprehensive Service

Comprehensive Service

We’re also part of a combined service team of technicians in America, New Zealand and Australia.

This, alongside the knowledge and experience our team has, means we provide one of the most comprehensive service and support networks in the industry.

Keep your machine purring with preventative maintenance!

High performance machinery like ours needs to be properly maintained and serviced to guarantee optimum performance.  

Regular preventative maintenance of your machinery will ensure it is running efficiently, reliably and safely. We offer one, three, six and twelve-month service plans depending on the type of machine and how often it is being used. We understand that when your machine is not running, this is costly for you, that’s why we schedule these maintenance visits in advance. By planning ahead, it also means we can have back up parts in place or standby and can be ahead of any queries that may arise, allowing the machine to keep purring along.

Alternatively, for customers who are not on a plan, a prepaid one-time service can be scheduled for you.

There’s also ongoing maintenance and checks that you can do yourself too – daily, weekly and monthly, to ensure optimal performance of your machine.  The details of these service regimes can be found in the machine manual.

Servicing Contracts that Save You Time and Money

We offer great value servicing contracts which will benefit your machines and your operators - including maintenance, technical support and training. Talk to us today to learn more and discover how a Spida servicing contract can add value to your manufacturing plant.

Operator Manuals

Our Operator Manuals provide comprehensive information on packaging, operating, safety, maintenance and troubleshooting of our machinery. Find and view, download or print the Operator Manual for your Spida Machinery or MangoTech machines below. Square1 and Klaisler Operator Manuals are available upon request, by emailing

What our customers say...

“We began working with Cullen at Spida Machinery, it was immediately a different experience. Not only was the pricing and accessibility of their machinery a breath of fresh air, but the included service and support we got with Cullen was fantastically helpful. We have now been working with a complete suite of Spida’s systems and feel like it is a fantastic match for what our industry needs”

Kyle Tompane, CTO & Founder - Agorus

What our customers say...

"We purchased the ‘Automated Apollo Saw’ a couple of years back. Wow! this saw has been a great addition to our truss plant. During the spike in lumber prices along with this saw’s ability to cut scrap into useable pieces, it has paid for itself in no time. The equipment is extremely durable to stand up to the beating it takes in a truss plant.

Jackie Crutcher - Manager, Wilson Lumber

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