Wall Extruder Outfeed

Wall Extruder Outfeed


The Wall Extruder Outfeed is used to support wall frames as they exit the Wall Extruder or Raked Wall Extruder, to final assembly area.

Key Benefits of the Wall Extruder Outfeed

The Wall Extruder Outfeed is specifically designed to complement the Spida range of extruders, within your wall frame line.


The Wall Extruder Outfeed benefits from a simple design where no power is required to achieve a flow within your wall frame line.

Supports Workflow

Keep the wall frame line moving with the Wall Extruder Outfeed. Simply transfer the wall frame using the rollers, onto the Chain Conveyor for ease of movement.


Handling a range of frame sizes, the Wall Extruder Outfeed works well with both raked wall frames and common wall frames.

Wall Extruder Outfeed

Footprint - top view

Wall Extruder OutfeedDownload Footprint


  • No power required
  • Supports frames as they are progressed through framer keeping level and true to framer
  • Allows frames to roll down once cleared of framer to stacking or finishing area with no powered drives or sequencing required
  • Conveyor span to suit requirements, two roller conveyors to cover a range of frame sizes
  • Can be custom built to individual site requirements

If you have any questions or would like to understand how the Wall Extruder Outfeed will provide efficiencies for your manufacturing plant, let us know.

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