Major Sub Assembly Table

Major Sub Assembly Table


The Major Sub Assembly Table is designed to allow for construction, assembly, and transport of major sub-components.

Key Benefits of the Major Sub Assembly Table

The Major Sub Assembly Table is purpose built to allow you to make your sub components with ease and efficiency. A great addition to any wall frame line!

Ease of Transfer

With the Major Sub Assembly Table you can make your windows and sub-assemblies, then simply transfer to the wall frame line with ease.


Whether you have an existing wall frame line, or are introducing a Spida line, it doesn’t matter! The Major Sub Assembly Table slots right in to aid your assembly process.

Quick & Efficient

Build your components such as window and door openings easily. Pop up rollers allow your frame to be easily removed and transfer conveyors can take the frame direct to the Extruder.

Major Sub Assembly Table

Footprint - top view

Major Sub Assembly TableDownload Footprint


  • Moveable table to allow for different height components
  • Pop-up rollers to enable ease of transfer once completed
  • Isle between tables allows operator access
  • Wider track to make higher components
  • Longer tables to make wider sub components
  • Normally paired with the Major Sub Component Infeed conveyor system

If you have any questions or would like to understand how the Major Sub Assembly Table will provide efficiencies for your manufacturing plant, let us know.

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