Curved Conveyor

Curved Conveyor


The Curved Conveyor is used to transfer studs and minor sub-assemblies from the assembly point to the wall extruder operator, ready for insertion into the wall frame.


The Curved Conveyor plays an important role within a standard wall or raked wall frame line. It provides a smaller footprint for overall wall manufacture space in your plant and saves space on the floor beside the nailer.

Efficient Use of Space

The shape of the Curved Conveyor provides an efficient use of space. The Curved Conveyor uses the space over top of the Wall Extruder or Raked Wall Extruder for material handling/finished components being fed to the operator. And acts as components storage.

Reduce Injuries

The Curved Conveyor scoots the wall frame down lower to the operator. This reduces material handling injuries as the weight is lower for the operator.


Another benefit to the operator is the Curved Conveyor turns the product from going down the line, to across the line. This is useful when you’re building the sub assembly for the studs and work in a linear fashion down the line, you still get the product come back in the right orientation to the operator.

Curved Conveyor

Footprint - top view

Curved ConveyorDownload Footprint


  • Curved conveyor delivers pre-assembled components from the Component Nailer to the framing console.
  • Conveyors mounted on sturdy steel bridge straddling the frame line conveyors, allowing continuous frame flow along the line.
  • Customized length (built to order)
  • 3rd rail for studs over 12ft

If you have any questions or would like to understand how the Curved Conveyor will provide efficiencies for your manufacturing plant, let us know.

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