Chain Conveyor

Chain Conveyor


The Chain Conveyor is used to transport frames from the framer to the dispatch area, allowing final assembly of door and window components into frames, eliminating manual handling of heavy frames.

Key Benefits of the Chain Conveyor

The Chain Conveyor is a ‘must have’ in your frame line outfeed process! You’ll notice efficiency gains without having to increase labor as it mechanizes your frame line production.

Increased Productivity

The Chain Conveyor can be strategically placed along the wall line to suit your factory. It perfectly fits between work stations, providing efficiencies.

Ease of Transfer

Allows continuous flow of your wall frame along the wall line, ensuring smooth transitions between the different stages of the line.

Reduced Manual Handling

Remove the heavy lifting of wall frames and let the Chain Conveyor do the work for you! The design allows for the drive to continue running.

Chain Conveyor

Footprint - top view

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  • Automatically conveys assembled wall frames from exit of framer to stacking area
  • Low speed and nonpositive drive allows drive to continue running
  • E-stops fitted every 157.5in on one side only, can be customized to suit site requirements
  • Can be custom built to individual site requirements
  • Three rail Chain Conveyor available for larger frames - 16ft and 20ft frames

If you have any questions or would like to understand how the Chain Conveyor will provide efficiencies for your manufacturing plant, let us know.

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