Butterfly Table

Butterfly Table


The full Butterfly Table will allow the safe flipping of pre-fab wall frames to enable fitout on both sides of the wall with safety and efficiency. Can also be used as a build table with clamping options available.

Key Benefits of the Butterfly Table

The Butterfly Table allows you to progress your wall frame assembly process with ease. Add sheathing, insulation and install services – all your framing needs are met!


You can add components to both sides of your wall frame safely. Add sheathing to one side, and flip to add insulation, drywall and plaster layers easily to the other side.


The Butterfly Table has been cleverly designed to allow for flipping of the wall frame so both sides of the frame can be worked on with ease.

Ease of Transfer

The Butterfly Table allows for vertical stacking of wall frames, which can then easily be pushed to vertical racking, then onto a forklift.

Butterfly Table

Footprint - top view

Butterfly TableDownload Footprint


  • One fixed table
  • One floating table, to allow for different wall thicknesses
  • 3 flat top chains in fixed table for easy transport of walls onto and off table
  • Modular design, multiple tables can be joined to extend tables
  • Clamping accessories, to use as build table
  • ½  table available, for standing walls
  • Chains in table

If you have any questions or would like to understand how the Butterfly Table will provide efficiencies for your manufacturing plant, let us know.

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