Lift Finishing Table

Lift Finishing Table


The Lift Finishing Table is designed to hold wall frame assemblies while they are finished, and then transport the frames onto the next stage as required. This versatile piece of machinery will add convenience and capability to your frame line!

Key Benefits of the Lift Finishing Table

The Lift Finishing Table makes a great addition to the end of your wall frame line. Once you’ve finished your wall panels, use the eject function to move the frame onto to the next stage within your factory.


With the Lift Finishing Table you can apply any last touches to your wall frames such as openings for window and door assemblies.

Efficient Stacking

The Lift Finishing Table allows you to stack wall frames on top of each other, providing convenience at the end of your wall frame line.

Reduces Manual Handling

No lifting of heavy wall frames with button controlled lifting and lowering of the Lift Finishing Table.

Lift Finishing Table

Footprint - top view

Lift Finishing TableDownload Footprint


  • Hydraulic scissor lift for height adjustment
  • Flat table sections for major sub assembly and fixing
  • Pop-up roll sections for ejection of finishing frame
  • End eject (Flow rails)
  • Side eject (Standard rollers)

If you have any questions or would like to understand how the Lift Finishing Table will provide efficiencies for your manufacturing plant, let us know.

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