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Tornado M500


The Spida Tornado M500 is one of the most efficient saws in our Spida range of machinery. This automated linear saw feeds, cuts, prints and ejects wall frame components - handling 20ft lengths, stacked 3 high! Elegantly designed and built in New Zealand, the Tornado is easy to operate and its 24” industrial flat touch screen provides greater usability.


You’ll notice the difference with this saw in your manufacturing plant! Keeping the infeed deck full, double and triple stacking, small piece separation and printing on all members, will give you the most advantage.

Speed & Accuracy

This saw is one of the fastest saws available and can cut frame components quickly and accurately. Cut components get to the frame line quicker than ever before!


Make the most of your lumber purchases per job, across multiple jobs or for the whole day's production! Increase your production numbers without adding additional labor. There’s reduced waste too – previously unused or waste lumber can be cut into stock components.


The Tornado M500’s fully enclosed saw blade is a standout safety feature of this saw. It allows operators to use the saw safely and productively in their own environment.

Tornado M500

Footprint - top view

Tornado M500Download Footprint


  • 4 axis
  • Fully enclosed for safety
  • 24” industrial flat touchscreen
  • File formats (or supplier files) including but not limited to MWF and SSF
  • Industrial ink jet member printing
  • Automated infeed
  • 3 stack high cutting (1.77in material)
  • Waste conveyor to rear of saw
  • Small piece recovery system
  • Dust collector
  • Optimization software included and customizable to your plant’s requirements
  • Dual touch screen
  • Waste conveyor extension
  • Left or right hand configurations
  • Spares kit


If you have any questions or would like to understand how the Tornado M500 will provide efficiencies for your manufacturing plant, let us know.

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