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The PieceMaker is an automated Linear Saw that will cut, print and handle the lumber you need for your truss manufacturing requirements. This saw has been designed with heavy duty componentry ensuring reliability, accuracy and production power as it speeds through the production of virtually any angle or joint whether from multiple stacks or singles. The PieceMaker is the manufacturing centre that every truss plant needs!


The PieceMaker is a flexible, powerful optimizaton engine that will add value to your plant! The saw delivers exceptional production efficiencies by establishing an automatic cutting centre that works continuously to maintain truss production at maximum levels. Not only does it come with lots of benefits including great printing capabilities, it’s also competitively priced compared to other similar saws on the market.


The PieceMaker provides great volume of cut members. You’ll benefit from high-speed cuts, two high. Plus, the advanced automation means minimized labor. The saw operates with such speed and efficiency that cutting volumes are completed in less time than other saws, freeing operators to assist elsewhere within the factory.


You’ll benefit for the variation of cuts of truss components. The PieceMaker can cut your standard and custom mitres, birdsmouths, raking plates and studs, low angles, long cuts, large lumber sections and all your normal standard cutting.


Increase productivity with less waste. You can optimize panel by panel, over a job, a series of jobs, or all day production. The PieceMaker allows desktop and on the fly optimization, reducing the need to have someone in the office creating the job batch.


Footprint - top view

PieceMakerDownload Footprint


  • Supports all data downloads from all major software suppliers
  • File formats (or supplier files) including but not limited to: MWF, SSF, TRS v2 and v3
  • Operational software simple to use and train
  • Easy to calibrate
  • Waste conveyed under outfeed
  • Inkjet lumber printer
  • Spares kit
  • Full optimization with the ability to look ahead panel by-panel or job-by-job
  • Optimization enables waste to be processed into standard members
  • Dust extraction
  • Left hand, right hand or Z configuration for outfeed
  • Full perimeter safety fence (rear)
  • Waste can be conveyed to front, rear or side

If you have any questions or would like to understand how the PieceMaker will provide efficiencies for your manufacturing plant, let us know.

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