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Automated Apollo Saw


The Automated Apollo Saw is a great allrounder when it comes to cutting! It’s a radial arm saw designed to accurately cut any angle between 9° - 171° on lumber components. The features found in the Automated Apollo Saw are of those normally found in higher end saws. An extremely versatile saw for large and small plants and for frame and truss components.


The Automated Apollo really is one of those saws all plants can use – a great ‘start up’ saw and equally as good ‘add on’ saw. It’s engineered with safety features and its footprint means you get a lot of value from the Automated Apollo for the area it takes up in your factory!


The Automated Apollo is super functional, it’s made to cut nearly any piece you need cutting in your frame and truss plant, accurately! Includes frame cutting, truss cutting, floor cutting and can handle lintels.


The simplicity of the Automated Apollo makes it flexible. From measuring and turning to an angle for you, it’s so simple it fits in so many places. The automation is simple, the software easy to use and not a lot of training is required to operate it.

It’s a keeper!

One of the saws you’ll want to hold on to. Even when a plant gets bigger, you’ll find the space and need for the Automated Apollo. It’s a saw that fits with whatever size factory you have and fits in different ways. Some say it’s so efficient it turns one person, into two!

Automated Apollo Saw

Footprint - top view

Automated Apollo SawDownload Footprint


  • 24” industrial flat touch screen
  • Custom designed software
  • Stroke limiter (automated)
  • Perspex barrier guard
  • Braked saw motor
  • Dual channel E-stop
  • Lazer guide
  • 3.9” dust connection point
  • Safe grip
  • Clamping table
  • Plate-Marker
  • Dropsaw Table
  • Left or right hand configuration
  • Mitre pins
  • Extended outfeed tables
  • Dust collector


If you have any questions or would like to understand how the Automated Apollo Saw will provide efficiencies for your manufacturing plant, let us know.

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