Spida Machinery - Floor Truss Solution


Containing the Floor Truss Table (with a durable solid steel top, providing rapid unencumbered use of plating and pressing) and the Floor Preset Roller, this system is designed to quickly produce wooden floor trusses.

With the Floor Truss System, you can choose the best option for your operations and space – choosing from side eject or end eject.  The side eject option contains pop up assist mechanisms on the finishing side of the table to allow the operator to grasp the truss for removal. The end eject option contains popup steel rollers to assist in moving the truss to a Finishing Press at the end of the table.

Both systems have a cambered clamping system on both sides of the table and a flip jig system, to transfer the truss from the build side to the finishing side of the table.

Key Benefits of the Floor Truss System

The Floor Truss System will provide a number of benefits to your truss manufacturing process. Whether you choose side or end eject, you’ll enjoy the efficiencies this system provides!


Reap the efficiency rewards with the Floor Truss System. Much quicker than building floor trusses by hand!

Quick Assembly

Benefit from quick assembly of webs and plates with the Floor Truss System.

Easy Transfer

Reduce manual handling and heavy lifting! Easy transfer of your floor trusses to your roller system or truss stackers.

Footprint - top view

Spida Floor Truss SystemDownload Footprint


  • Durable solid steel top

  • Cambered clamping system on both sides of the table

  • Flip jig system to transfer truss from build side to finishing side of the table

  • Side Eject (shown here)

  • End Eject – overall length, width and height 58.67 x 9.6 x 7.5ft


Let’s find out! Get in touch and we can work through your requirements and determine if this solution is right for your manufacturing plant.