MD Double Nailplate




Formed galvanised steel connector designed to provide an effective means of fastening two timber members together under high loads These formed galvanised steel connectors:Incorporate preformed teeth making it quick and easy to press into timber.Teeth are spaced accordingly to eliminate timber splitting.Twisted tooth provide reduces tooth withdrawal.


Multinail nailplates incorporate many refinements, particularly in the tooth profile and size, that is designed to grip the timber more securely. The bending and twisting of teeth during manufacture was carefully designed to aid the transfer of forces across the finished joint.
The nailplate is the ideal choice of fabricators for the joining of multiple timber members as they are designed to provide excellent holding power (with eight teeth per square inch) at a low cost per truss.
Nailplate have a uniquely-designed tooth shape that gives the nailplate full penetration and holding power


Nailplates are used in the manufacture of timber roof truss, floor trusses and butt jointed timber members like roof rafters and floor joists.

Roof Trusses

Roof Trusses

Butt Joining

Butt Joining


  • Long teeth
  • Low plate cost per truss
  • Penetrates high density hardwoods
  • Eliminates tooth bending and wood splitting
  • High force transfer per unit area
  • High holding power in hardwoods and softwoods
  • Prime quality galvanised steel


Manufactured from 2.0mm Galvanised G300 Z275 Steel

Description Product Code Reference Code Carton quantity Carton kg.
W x L        
64×300 W 64×150 MD64300 MD064300 84 19.7
75×300 W 75×150 MD75300 MD075300 72 20.1
100×300 W 100×150 MD100300 MD100300 48 18.1
100×400 W 100×200 MD100400 MD100400 36 18.0
125×300 W 125×150 MD125300 MD125300 36 17.0
150×300 W 150×150 MD150300 MD150300 30 17.1
150×400 W 150×200 MD150400 MD150400 20 15.0
175×300 W 175×150 MD175300 MD175300 20 13.4
175×400 W 175×200 MD175400 MD175400 12 10.5

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