Anti-split Plate




Formed galvanised steel connector designed to prevent timber splitting. These formed galvanised steel connectors:
Incorporate preformed teeth making it quick and easy to press into timber. Teeth are spaced accordingly to eliminate timber splitting.Twisted tooth provide reduces tooth withdrawal.


Anti-split plates are pressed into the end grain of timber to help reduce the propagation of splits in timber.

They can also be applied to the face of timber members to reduce splitting which may occur around knots or with timber with sloping grain.


Manufactured from 1.2mm Galvanised G300 Z275 Steel

Description Product Code Reference Code Carton quantity Carton kg.
W x L        
75 x 50 MLS7550 AS075075 400 15.2
75 x 75 MLS7575 AS075100 200 11.9
75 x 100 MLS75100 AS075125 200 10.1
75 x 125 MLS75125 AS075050 100 10.1
100 x 125 MLS100125 AS100125 144 18.2

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