Wall Extruder



The Wall Extruder is designed to assemble wall frames from precut timber components. The length stops on the infeed set the plate position relative to the stud being nailed in. After a stud is nailed in, the progressors will index through to the next stud position, this repeats until the frame is finished.



Wall height 1800mm – 3600mm
Nailing cycle time 3 seconds
Air supply required 100 – 110psi
Timber widths 70×35, 90×35, 90×45, 140×45, 190×45
Throat opening 200mm
Max. panel length 6000mm
Power requirements 10amp, 230v, 1 phase


  • 2 axis
  • Four gun mounted brackets
  • Ergonomic clamp operating system allows for two handed freedom for operators to locate studs and frame while clamping
  • Features automatic gun indication/lockout system when coil nail feed is empty in any gun
  • Adjustable for wall frame heights from 1800mm – 3600mm
  • Automated gun height
  • Two handed operation safety circuit


  • Left or right hand adjustable for wall height
  • Outfeed conveyor
  • Extended wall height capacity
  • Centre gun option
  • Nail guns can be stick or coil types, but are not included with the machine
  • Transfer table for sub assembly
  • Servo driven nailing guns for ultimate flexibility

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