Factory Management System (FMS)



The use of a Factory Management System (FMS) podium, monitor or television system provides employees a paperless display of your current job, cutting solution, pressing point or frame file.  Can be used throughout the factory from a small display to large team display.

All output files are displayed from your nailplate supplier, fed in real-time to keep projects moving.


  • Easy integration into existing network infrastructure
  • Cost effective technology solution for FMS
  • File formats (or supplier files) including but not limited to: MWF, SSF, TRS v2 and v3


  • Durable powder coated frames
  • Choice of (tablet size), 24” inch industrial touch screen or large screen wall monitor
  • Workstation with touch screen or keyboard
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Removable keyboard/document tray
  • Top mount hanger
  • HDMI extender

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