Truss Stacker



Automated lifting, moving and stacking of finished Truss components off a Truss roller press system.


Overall Width 9ft
Overall Height 1ft 6in - 6ft 7in
Overall Length 13ft 11in
Maximum Truss Height 13ft 9in
Weight 3100 lb
Operational Noise 40dB
Air Supply 85PSI
Hydraulic Oil 70L
Electrical Supply 3.75kW, 380-480V, 50-60 Hz, 6A


  • Automated lifting and stacking of Trusses eliminates operator fatigue and lifting injury’s
  • Designed to handle 45lbs Trusses with ease
  • Operator remote control allows movement when stacking
  • Sensors to prevent overrun
  • Toothed safety mechanism on lifting ram to prevent lifter falling should the hydraulics fail.


  • The Frame stacker can be adjusted to match your existing outfeed height.
  • 3rd lifter for larger trusses
  • Output to stop Finish Roller when lifting
  • Spare remotes


*Specifications and design subject to change, please confirm details when ordering

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