Rapid Stop Plate-Marker



The Rapid Stop Plate-Marker is designed to provide an automated and accurate method of measuring and marking intersecting members in wall frames.


Fence Height 4.5in
Monitor Centre Height 3ft 10in
Stop System Travel 20ft
Marker Width 1.5in
Weight (For 6m Table) 240kg
Material Feed Left or Right option
Servo Motor 180VDC, 10 Amp Continuous
Power Requirement 5 Amp, 240V, Single Phase


  • Ideal for timber processors looking to automate the measuring of lengths
  • Stop is accurate to within +/- 0.5mm ( 0.02 inch)
  • Easy operation of stop with touch screen
  • Automated operation simply cut off the list on screen as generated from the detailing office
  • Easily fitted to any SPIDA saw to automate the measuring function
  • Save time and money. The SPIDA rapid stop dramatically reduces the time spent measuring lengths and eliminates the wastage associated with incorrect measuring


  • The Rapid Stop can be built to a custom length to fit your plant requirements
  • Manual rise and fall marking flap available
  • Can be fitted to most saws
  • Also available as roller table.

*Specifications and design subject to change, please confirm details when ordering

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