Mitre Pin Box



The Mitre Pin Box is designed to manipulate components prior to cutting to achieve required mitre angles.


Overall Width 8in
Overall Height 5.7in
Overall Length 9.6in
Pin adjustment (Total extension) 1.6in
Weight 15kg
Servo Motor Single Phase
Air Supply 6-8 Bar (600-800 kPa)
Power Requirement 10 Amp, 115V, Single Phase


  • Compact box to fit onto any table configuration required
  • Automated pushers set component at preprogrammed mitre angle.
  • Adjustable pusher pins allow for various mitre angles to be achieved.


  • Available in left and right configurations
  • Can be paired with a variety of tables/saws as required


*Specifications and design subject to change, please confirm details when ordering

0501000 August

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