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The Jig-It is an automated positioning system (CNC). This system will position pucks to create a Jig for the truss being assembled. It can be incorporated into existing roller plants or be optioned on New Builds.


Overall Width 2ft 5in
Overall Height 7in
Overall Length 14ft 9in
Puck adjustment (Change in overall length) 13ft 3in
Weight 132lb
Servo Motor 160VDC, 440W
Power Requirement 10Amp, 115V, Single Phase
Air Supply 6-8 Bar (600-800 kPa)


  • Independent fully automated pucks.
  • Wobble guides to assist with speed of positioning
  • Accurate positioning
  • Touch Screen Control
  • Direct drive lead screws


  • System can control ejectors independently for all trusses sizes
  • Quantity of pucks can be customised
  • Multiple screens for multiple teams


*Specifications and design subject to change, please confirm details when ordering

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