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The assembly of C and L studs along with the nailing of Fireblocks to studs.


Wall/Stud Height 12ft
Nailing Cycle Time Firing Sequence Every 2 seconds
Air Supply Required 1.52 CF/fire
Timber Widths 8in x 2in (max)
Throat Opening 7.87in
Maximum block length 14.5in
Max Panel Length See Wall/Stud Height
Power Requirements 110V 10A Single phase


  • Nail C & L stud assemblies
  • Timber sizes from 4"x2" to 8"x2"
  • Information on length and configurations sent from detailer to computer
  • Operator prompted by touch screen computer, places pre-cut timber in C or L configuration.
  • Studs are progressed through nailer and automatically nailed at specified nail centres.
  • Studs up to 12” long can be nailed.

Features - with Fire Block Nailer

  • Studs will stop progressing at specified location and operator will we prompted to insert block for nailing.

*Specifications and design subject to change, please confirm details when ordering

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