FOM Industrie Calco



Electropneumatic copy router.



  • Spindle speed 12.000rpm
  • Tool coupling ER 16
  • 2 horizontal vices with safety valves
  • Spray mist blade lubrication system
  • Spindle slides cemented and round guide-ways with movement along recirculating ball bearings
  • Axis translation by indirect levers
  • Possibility of machining with copying jigs or mechanical stops
  • 2 copying templates located on the superior side of the machine in an ergonomic position and easily visible to the operator
  • Pneumatic tracer with double diameter selector Ø 5 and Ø 8 mm
  • Double working pressure servo-controlled in low pressure
  • Quick spindle stop for tool changing
  • Three-phase motor 0.75 kW 230/400 V – 50 Hz
  • Air filter
Power supply 3F – 380-415V – 50Hz
Total power installed 0.75kW
Air consumption 3 NL/cycle
Working pressure 7 bar


  • Milling bit: Ø 8 mm – 8 mm tang
  • Milling bit: 5 mm Ø – 8 mm Ø tang
  • Collet ER 16 for milling bit: Ø 8 mm
  • Mini ER 16 ring nut
  • No. 2 templates
  • 2 receding length stops
  • Compressed air gun with spiral hose (for machine cleaning)
  • Packing with heat-shrink plastic bag


  • Minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) with pure oil
  • Additional complete tracer point (it allows to copy over 2 template; it’s to be inserted on the right side of the copy
  • Vice jaw extension 805 mm (Rh or Lh)
  • Roller table with vice jaw 1800 mm (Rh or Lh)
  • Additional receding stop
  • Additional magnetic receding stop
  • Additional charge for special voltage and cycle (Standard motor 230/400V three-phase 50Hz)
  • Additional charge for single-phase motor (Standard motor 230 single-phase 50Hz)
  • UL-CSA version plant
  • Variation for measurement unit in inches

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